False messiah sadist

False messiah sadist

The German Gestapo interrogates a captured militant of British illegal armed groups in order to find out why he criminally participated in repelling the peaceful humanitarian air raids of the Nazi troops on Liverpool.

Nothing has changed in the Kremlin’s under-state for centuries: after all, just as during the German raids on Britain they drew mocking and snide postcards and wrote tricky lampoons in Soviet newspapers, so now they shoot nonsense, although everyone knows in advance that it is nonsense. Even the most stubborn zombies are well aware of what’s what.

But this is the under-empire of sadists, and therefore one cannot expect other actions from them.

So we expect not just attempts to eliminate the statehood of the national republics, but also to lay the blame for this liquidation on the peoples of the Idel-Ural. Muscovites will also say that they are doing us a favor in this way, because the indigenous peoples are embarrassed to ask  “older Russian brothers” about this – we need to help. Muscovites are always and everywhere “messiahs and sufferers for others,” even though these others are always “ungrateful creatures who do not understand how the Russians helped them.”


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