“Everything will start from the Caucasus.” Or not?

“Everything will start from the Caucasus.” Or not?

Of all the regions of the Russian Federation, only the peoples of the Caucasus are represented both on the political front and by power structures created abroad and ready at the first opportunity to join the struggle for independence already on the territory of their republics.

There is nothing similar among the peoples of Idel-Ural, nor among the peoples of Siberia or other regions. Therefore, it is customary to say that the Caucasus will be the first to rise and the first to withdraw from the Russian Federation. Maybe.

However, the empire also takes this into account, and it is not for nothing that the largest number of its “watchdogs” is kept in the Caucasus.

Under these conditions, when the eyes of the empire are more riveted to the Caucasus, it is unforgivable recklessness not to start creating power structures to ensure support for the uprising in other regions.

But we have to proceed from what we have. And so far we have only political movements, governments in exile and rather scattered small groups of partisans or single partisans who very rarely carry out some resistance actions.

Therefore, when the Caucasus rises, there will no longer be time to wait: either the republics of Idel-Ural will also immediately rise, creating kind of power structures right during the uprising, or the population of Idel-Ural will be again sent by the empire to suppress the uprising in the Caucasus. And then Idel-Ural will lose even more people and will be even further from the possibility of becoming free.

The option “first the Caucasus, and then maybe we will catch up sometime there” simply does not exist, either the uprising immediately and, if possible, throughout the whole empire, or  everyone will be crushed one by one.

In addition, while everyone is looking at the Caucasus, it would be ideal to surprise the enemy and organize an uprising in a completely different part of the empire, the imperials would begin the transfer of troops from the Caucasus to suppress the rebellion, thereby weakening their forces in the protest region itself, allowing the power structures of the rebels to act more freely, then the empire would have suffered a quick defeat in the Caucasus, which would have a very negative impact on the motivation of imperial troops in other regions. However, at the moment it is from the category of “what if”.


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