Everything will be loaded onto the Tatar neck until it breaks.

Everything will be loaded onto the Tatar neck until it breaks.

Verstka reports that the task of dismantling the ruins of Bakhmut will be thrown on Tatarstan. It is quite logical, because the Alga and the Brave have been destroying this city since April. But in May, the Mari were also brought under Bakhmut, so it would be logical to share some heaviness of this burden on Mari El. We live in one under-empire, so at the moment we need to spend money on the maintenance of the occupiers and freshly occupied lands, so everyone should chip in.

Although Minnikhanov is unlikely to give up the idea that Tatarstan participated in this on its own. After all, then he will have to cut the loot at the construction of Potemkin villages together, and not alone.

80 thousand people lived in Bakhmut, and now there are less than 500. For whom will Tatarstan restore the city? Definitely not for the Tatars. As to Mariupol, first of all, Russians and, oddly enough, Tajiks will be brought there. Cheap labor. Tatarstan will only once again spend its resources on this and will receive nothing in return, except for coffins and an even greater decrease in the standard of living. By the way, so that the Tatars are not very indignant, yesterday another division of the Russian Guard was deployed in Kazan.

Thus, secession from the Russian Federation means not only getting rid of the burden of draining resources by the capital of the empire, but also stopping the countless costs for maintaining its new territories.


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