Ethnocide is easy, cheap and bloodless

Ethnocide is easy, cheap and bloodless

To create “Russians” of the empire, you should denationalize the conquered peoples – then you can mold anything from this human material. The easiest way to quickly break the connection of a person with the culture of his people is to deprive him of his native language. How do they do this in our modern under-empire? Here is how a Bashkir public figure told about this.

Any language has several functions:

1) Communication.

2) Teaching.

3) Accumulation of knowledge in this language.

4) Transfer of accumulated knowledge to the next generations.

These 4 points are the main functions of the language.

And there are many secondary functions.

If the language does not perform even one of these functions, then it will inevitably degrade.

If it does not perform several functions, then the death of this language is inevitable.

1. Communication – our language performs this function, probably, by 65%.

2. Teaching is ZERO.

Since teaching in native languages is not declared. It is forbidden.

3. Accumulation of knowledge – there is partially only in the humanitarian sphere.

In technical areas – ZERO.

4. The transfer of knowledge is even worse than at the point of accumulation of knowledge, since teaching in the national languages is prohibited.

As you can see, this is actually a conscious destruction of non-Russian languages and through this the ethnic groups.

This is ethnocide.

Also: in colloquial speech, only about 15% of the vocabulary of the language is used.

85% of the vocabulary of the language is scientific terms, names of fauna and flora, etc.

All these 85% of the words of the language are used in teaching in schools, universities and other educational institutions.

If the language is forbidden for teaching, therefore, this part of the language is completely unnecessary, it dies and is replaced by another language of teaching.

In our case, by the words of the Russian language.

Therefore, it is impossible to learn the language only in the family, since in the family there is only communication – and this is only one of the functions of the language.

There is no education in the family, no accumulation and transfer of knowledge to future generations.

Previously, all this was done in families. After the mass appearance of educational institutions, three out of four functions were taken over by the school.

Muravyov understood this well and proposed to the empire his principle of destroying the small peoples of the empire.

Without blood, without genocide and in a very cheap and safe way: “What the Russian bayonet did not complete, the Russian school will complete.”


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