Erzyan Inyazor honoured fighters for independence of Estonia

Erzyan Inyazor honoured fighters for independence of Estonia

During his visit to Tallinn Syres’ Boliayen’, Inyazor of Erzya people, honoured fighters for freedom and independence of Estonia.

In the morning of October 12 Erzyan Inyazor (chief elder) visited Monument of victory in Liberation war to honour Estonian warriors who protected independence of Estonian Republic. Syres’ Boliayen’ put a basket of flowers decorated by ribbon in Erzyan national colors with inscription stating “Estońiań oĺačinť kise ťurićatńeńeń erźa raśkenť peĺd́e” (erz. To fighters for independence of Estonia from Erzyan people”).

“Estonia is a native country for us Erzyans. As one of the most successful nations in whole Finno-Ugric world, Estonians are unquestionable example and reference-point for us. Moreover, they support us in hard times, they are happy with our achievements. We feel and value this special relation! My predecessor, Inyazor Khumantsian’ Pirguzh, was awarded the Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana by Toomas Hendrik Ilves, president of Estonia. So my visit to Estonia is not just a trip to some magic country. Estonia gives a very strong example for Erzya people: how to love and fight for our native land, how to save and develop our language and culture under pressure of violent russification, how to be successful and rich, how to lend a helping hand to your brothers and sisters. We are grateful for Estonian warriors for their courage, their hope, for victory which is important reference point for us”, – Syres’ Boliayen’ commented.

Monument of victory in Liberation war (Vabadussõja võidusammas) is a sculptural composition on Liberty Square in the center of Estonian capital. A monument was established in 2009,  it perpetuates the memory about participants of armed struggle for independence of Estonian Republic in 1918-1920. The monument is a high column crowned by megascopic copy of Cross of Liberty, a state reward conferred upon veterans of Liberation war. Victory in this war cost lives of 3 588 Estonian defenders, 13 775 veterans were wounded. Bolshevik Russia was the main enemy of Estonians in this war and allies were Latvia, North-Western army (White Guards), British navy, Finnish, Swedish and Danish volunteers. The first Estonian Republic existed up to 1940 when it was annexed by Soviet Union.


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