Do you need freedom and independence?

Do you need freedom and independence?

The struggle for independence is not only cold calculation. It is the readiness to take risks and make sacrifices for the sake of independence. In other words, the struggle for independence is not a business plan. This struggle requires hot hearts, absolutely crazy people and radical actions. Today, many national activists say about the bet “for great times.” They say, Russia will face a military defeat, and after this social upheavals, therefore, it is necessary to accumulate strength by this moment.

Not a single national liberation movement was tempered in exile or by “hatching” anonymous users in front of a monitor. Ukrainians, Finns, Polish, Czechs and Slovaks, even the Irish came to the end of the First World War with a full range of tools for the struggle: from illegal political circles to combat organizations, from physical education societies to national units in foreign armies. Similarly, with the Second World War and subsequent military conflicts. That is, long before the collapse of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires, and later the USSR, Ukrainians, for example, had the richest experience of a real (and not virtual) underground, as well as a dozen structures and organizations that carried out sabotage, terrorist attacks, raids deep into the territories controlled by the USSR, etc.

If our peoples are not able to overcome their fear and start fighting in their native lands now, and not in the “beautiful collapsing empire of the future”, we will simply not be ready at the crucial moment. Even if thousands of brave guys appear out of nowhere at “Hour X” and emigration leaders parachute into the republics, this will in no way solve the problem of the readiness of national movements.

Neither the Erzyans, nor the Bashkirs, nor even the Tatars are exceptions – any national movement has its stages of formation. The most important modern stage for us is the deployment of real resistance in the republics. This is a matter of nation-building and mass psychology, and not the logic of the political process (“now it will lead to nothing”).

Just as a house is not built without a foundation (“at the moment we don’t need this foundation”), so the struggle for independence does not arise from nowhere. Well, without a foundation (real resistance in the homeland), there is no reason to perceive any national movement as a serious phenomenon, considered by external forces as any significant variable.

Coming back to the question in the title.

If a people seriously expects to gain independence without a struggle, without victims and suffering here and now, then this people does not need independence at all and the colonial position of the second-rate natives of the empire is though unpleasant, but natural status.

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