Death of publicized mankurt Fanis Khusainov is confirmed

Death of publicized mankurt Fanis Khusainov is confirmed

This is reported by the TG channel of the Bashkir politician Ruslan Gabbasov. The proxy authorities of Bashkortostan actively sculpted from Fanis the image of a “faithful Bashkir” – whose interests completely coincided with the interests of Moscow, and whose personal life was service to Putin and Khabirov. Propaganda relentlessly published reports about Khusainov and his “exploits” in Ukraine, talked about him on social networks and drew comics in his honor.

In the comments under the post of Ruslan Gabbasov, a heated discussion unfolded on the topic “Is it necessary to condole with Fanis and his family?”. No, it is not necessary – as well as with other Bashkirs, Erzyans, Tatars, Chuvashs, Mokshans, Maris and Udmurts who decided to go hundreds of kilometers from their home to take part in the invasion of the territory of someone else’s home. Why?

Bashkortostan is a humiliated and deprived of rights colony of Moscow. Humiliated in all respects – both economically and nationally or religiously. The minimum pension in Bashkortostan, according to official figures, is 6 597 rubles, or 85 euros! A huge number of Bashkir pensioners exist on the amount of 10 000 (129 euros) per month or less. What can we call it? Survival? Dying-off?

Most Bashkir families cannot earn enough money to adequately support their children and old parents. Bashkir men  leave to work in the north massively and for a long time, in fact, striking a blow to the institution of the family.

In what position is the Bashkir language, in particular, education in the Bashkir language – we will not even write. Here the position of the Bashkirs is incomparably worse than that of many African tribes. Religious life is under the full control of the Federal Security Service. There is simply no political life and freedom of speech. It is not needed in the national colonies.

Having huge natural resources, millions of manpower, industry, only a narrow stratum of appointees who serve Moscow and personally Putin enrich themselves in Bashkortostan. They are devoted to the regime, but not to the people of Bashkortostan – and they tremble not before the people, but before the Kremlin, the Federal Security Service, the Investigative Committee and the prosecutor’s office.

Now about Fanise. What did he achieve with his participation and his death in the war in Ukraine? Did he increase the strength, glory, wealth (spiritual or material) of the Bashkir people? No, he died to cement the slavish and humiliating position in which Bashkortostan and its people turned out to be.

It doesn’t matter if Fanis consciously decided to fight in the foreign country against the foreign people who are in no way responsible for the suffering of the Bashkirs and Bashkortostan, or he did it out of misunderstanding, thoughtlessness or dementia.

In any of the options, Fanis had a choice – and not one. There are Bashkirs who, realizing the injustice of this war of conquest, went to fight for Ukraine (there are few of them, but they exist). There are Bashkirs who are hiding from mobilization. There are those who refuse to fight and are persecuted by the authorities – and those also exist. There are Bashkirs who left the territory of the Russian Federation, not wanting to kill Ukrainians. But Fanis chose the path of least resistance – the path of oblivion. On this path, he was approved by his family, relatives and friends.

Why is this the way of oblivion? History will answer this question. The same Ukrainians have a huge number of their “fanises” – lowlifes and opportunists. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians served in the Cheka, OGPU, NKVD, KGB, they made careers in the Communist Party, in Soviet propaganda, in the army, fighting in Afghanistan and other unjust wars. However, a little time passed – their names are forgotten. Streets and avenues in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro bear the names not of “Ukrainian fanises”, but of soldiers of the Army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. They will also bear the names of modern defenders of Ukraine.

Fanis made his choice – putting himself on a par with those who spit on the idea of the liberation of Bashkortostan, who wipe their feet on the dream of an independent state of the Bashkirs. The time will come – history will put everything in its place also here.


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