Culture is not so important?

Culture is not so important?

“One can deal with the revival of culture and language even after gaining independence, but now the struggle for freedom is more important, and all forces and resources should be used only for the struggle,” say some of the representatives of the national liberation movements.

When Winston Churchill, during the war with the Nazis, was shown the budget of Britain without taking into account expenses for culture, he refused to sign such a budget. “What are we fighting for then?” he asked.

Here is an ordinary Christmas tree toy – a soldier of the Red Army (like a Budynovets, which is a fighter of the First Cavalry Army, which during the Civil War of 1918-1920 was commanded by Semyon Budyonnyy). Kremlin propaganda thought through even such trifles. Because our whole life consists primarily of little things that, when put together, form the world around us and our worldview.

So is language – for someone it is just a means of communication, but for the imperials it is a means of propaganda, because language, like culture, is the main tool for shaping the mentality. Any changes in language and culture will be reflected in the mentality of the people.


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