Culture for the russians is the same weapon like language or nuclear weapon

When russians say that culture, sport and language are beyond the policy, they do their best to politicize them as much as possible in their favor.

Not the abstract russian world but exactly russian culture kills people. It alone creates inhuman Nazis who consider themselves masters of the planet. Conditional Pushkin or Chaliapin are an essential part of these sadists’ and murderers’ culture. Recently in Italy russian sportsman under the neutral flag, standing on the pedestal of the competition winner decided to make a sieg in live. He was eliminated from the competitions, his award was taken away and he was expelled. If sport was beyond the policy, nobody would pay attention to this athlete, he would make siegs as much as he wanted. The same attitude must be to the russian culture, it must be banished everywhere, as it wants to kill not-russians. To avoid the situation, when someone starts discussing it with it’s ambassadors about something “high”


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