The Kremlin occupants brought 50 high school students from Lysychansk, the Luhansk region (the city was captured in July 2022) to the city of Yelabuga. And this is not the limit – more will follow. Don’t think anyone is asking these kids. They are being forced to accept the fact – to be out of education in a ruined city or to go and study wherever they are told to go. Of course, no one will let them go to Ukrainian-controlled territory.

They will have to graduate from school in Tatarstan and are promised admission to universities in Tatarstan on favorable terms.
Why Tatarstan? Well, firstly, because the moscovite nazis destroyed Lysychansk by more than 60-70%, there are hardly any educational institutions left, the population is extremely small, and Tatarstan “has taken” a sort of occupational “patronage” over this city.

Secondly, in this way two problems can be solved simultaneously: how to russificate the Ukrainian children brought here, and once again to create a precedent for diluting the already diluted the Tatar society, thereby russifying it even more.

After all, these are high school students – they do not know the Tatar language and are unlikely to learn it, and this empire has not created any conditions for learning it – on the contrary, it has created all the conditions so that no one would study it.

But you have to communicate somehow. Not just in class, which is already in Russian, but all the time.

So the Tatars will russify Ukrainian children and Ukrainian children in turn will russify the Tatars.

The imperials won’t even have to work hard. Everything will occur by itself.

And afterward, these russified Ukrainian children will also receive preferential places in Tatarstan universities, while some of the Tatar children will not get such a place.

On the one hand, this may look like a small amount of “compensation” – after all, natives of Tatarstan also took part in the destruction of Lysychansk, fighting for the empire, and the children need somewhere to study. But the fact is that the children of those who destroyed Ukrainian cities receive benefits from the empire for everything, while the children of all those who did not take part, do not get any benefits, and even the available ones can be ignored for the sake of the zeto category of children.

Thus, the children from Lysychansk turn out to have a better chance of entering universities in Tatarstan than residents of Tatarstan themselves, apart from the children of zealous nazis, who are beyond any competition at all.

But, taking into consideration that the entire educational system in the empire is geared to the education of mankurts and janissaries, it remains to be seen who will be luckier in this case.


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