Congratulations on the Udmurt Language Day!

Congratulations on the Udmurt Language Day!

This holiday has been celebrated since 2018 – just a year after its introduction, Albert Razin, the great son of the Udmurt nation, will commit self-immolation in order to attract the attention of the whole world to the ethnocide and the aggressive assimilation of the Udmurt people by the Muscovites. Razin understood that a handout to the Udmurts from the Kremlin in the form of the Udmurt Language Day would in no way save the language in the situation of its actual extermination, but would only lull the Udmurts’ distrust of Moscow – so he was determined to take such a radical step. Let his death and the death of thousands of fighters for the free and sovereign Udmurtia not be in vain.

Learn the Udmurt language, teach it to your children, grandchildren, friends, acquaintances, demand to speak the Udmurt from those who are obliged to know it living in Udmurtia – and the language will be alive.

🔘Website for the Udmurt Language Day.

🔘Channel dedicated to this day (no longer active, but there is a lot of different materials and literature there).

🔘A selection of channels, where you can learn the language and various useful information about the culture, history and national movement of the Udmurts.

Туннэ, 27. шуркынмонэ Удмурт кыллэсь нуналзэ пусйиськомы! Кылмес утьыса возёме, ум вунэтэ, азинтоме!

Удмурт кыллэн нуналэныз!


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