Complete decolonization – no compromises

“I’m not a racist, I’m just saying so.” ©

After the collapse of this Nazi under-empire in the free republics the vlasov tricolor, the imperial two-headed chicken, the Colorado ribbon, the imperial black-yellow-white tricolor and, of course, the ZOV symbols should be banned. Under the ban as symbols of not only the empire, but also Nazism, and specifically its variety – rascism.

Plus, the ban on Soviet symbols, the ban on the creation of communist parties and the ban on propaganda of the communist ideology as misanthropic, as well as the ban on the creation of any parties with imperial ideas.

Two tribunals must take place at once: on the crimes of the present Russian Federation against humanity and on the crimes of the Soviet power.

All present parties in the State Duma and the republican dumas should be banned and all their members should be brought to justice (if they survive during the revolution).

In none of the sovereign republics (except Muscovy)  the language of the Muscovites should not be the state language under any pretext.

The interethnic language of a national republic should be the national language of that very republic. Does an Armenian/Greek/Japanese/Muscovite/Hungarian live in Bashkortostan? You should know the Bashkort language, even if you don’t use it. But you are obliged to know it. And they can decide later what language will be the language for communication between the different republics of the Idel-Ural. The main thing is that within the republics the entire population should know the state language and be able to communicate in it. Otherwise, the indigenous languages ​​will simply disappear even after the de-occupation. What is the point in the voluntary development of a foreign language, imposed on our ancestors by force, oppression, blood, death?

Yes, at first the language of the Muscovites will prevail, but with the transition to the national languages, the younger generations will move away more and more from the imperial “generally understood” language. It will cease to be “interethnic”. And then it will really be necessary to decide what language will be used for communication between the neighboring republics. But this is unlikely to be a difficult task in the free republics.


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