Children of the Jackal

Children of the Jackal

I am reading on Free Idel-Ural website, “The parents of this guy from Tatarstan gave him the usual name – Aidar. But Aidar’s mental health was violated back in childhood, and then, under the influence of imperial and communist propaganda, he grew up to be a total psychopath. Having reached the age of majority, Aidar changed his details and became Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, born in 1989. In honor of one of the leaders of the Bolshevik executioners during the Great Terror carried out by the Soviet regime.”

And do you remember this Latin American communist father, who loved Marxism-Leninism so much that he was smart enough to name his three sons like this: the first one – Vladimir, the second one – Ilyich, the third one – Lenin? Ilyich became most famous. He was born in Venezuela, studied in Moscow. His full name was Ilyich Ramirez Sanchez. They say that it was he who served the English writer Frederick Forsyth as the prototype for the main character in The Day of the Jackal thriller novel. But the whole world knows him as Carlos, the legendary Cold War terrorist. A bloody trail of murders, explosions, armed attacks and assassinations attempts stretches behind him. Since 1997, Carlos has been serving a life sentence in prison.

In fact, he was an ambitious, capable, cruel puppet in the hands of his true masters. He received orders for murder from many people, from Saddam Hussein to Andropov. The Ministry of State Security of the German Democratic Republic, the Stasi, played an important role in ensuring Carlos’s professional activities.

In fact, Carlos was just a high-ranking civil servant, and all his greatness rested on the infrastructure that the intelligence services from the communist nations and their Middle Eastern allies created for him. He was not the weakest piece on the chessboard, but just a cog in the well-oiled machine of communist global politics and the global terror that fed on it.

It turns out that names are not given for no reason. This is a kind of sign, goal and program. And for the “world-famous” Latin American terrorist, and for the Tatar guy from Kazan. Our Aidar Edmundovich may not have received orders directly from Putin and Patrushev, but his goal and program were determined by them. If they would have ordered it – he would go not only to the Russian-Ukrainian war, but also to any terrorist attack. To the same “Crocus”, for example. The regime even today has a lot of such Carlos Aidar Dzerzhinskys in reserve, although sometimes they themselves may not know that they are “sanchez”. THEY do not know, but THOSE who prepare and use this effective consumable know.

Putin tries to treat such “eagles of terror” with care – Lugovoy, for example, was given a seat in the State Duma for the successful poisoning of Litvinenko, a former employee of the Russian special services. I think they also saved cushy places for Petrov and Boshirov, who were roaming around the countries of Western and Eastern Europe in the last decade. After all, people tried, even though they failed on a mission in Salisbury, an English city. They lit up, misery, on street security cameras right at the moment of additional exploration of the housing of the action target. But how successful they were with the explosions of weapons depots in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria… And they still succeeded in poisoning! Anyone who does not believe it should ask the Skripals! Hristo Grozev, an investigative journalist, wrote about this “sweet couple”, “All I can say is that they are healthy and work in government services. They got new jobs because they can no longer work as spies. They became important representatives of the Kremlin, so to speak, for different (Russian) regions.”

It is very important to understand here that there is no individual terrorism, there is state terrorism as a type of diplomacy. And Vladimir Vladimirovich expanded the understanding of terrorism to “an instrument of domestic policy.”

While he developed it creatively: it is possible not to give a direct indication for an act of terror… Go, they say, and kill Navalny or Nemtsov… No, why, he can just hint to loyal subject R. A. Kadyrov about a specific person – and that’s all! And “Akhmat Power” to this dissident or a person acting in another way: he is lying on the sidewalk with a bullet through his head. Do you think Ramzan Akhmatovich has few of these Sanches named Jackal? Wow, how many! Don’t you believe me? Well, you are wrong! An entire Academy has been created in Chechnya, any of its graduates will go to “ex” or “act” without question! And if failure befalls him, he will take the blame upon himself and will be ready to serve a sentence… After all, he knows that this is the optimal “modus operandi” for him.

The Russian authorities are not even close to the thought of abandoning the use of people like Aidar, like Lugovoy, the Petrovs and Boshirovs and other evil spirits. It is in the USA and NATO countries that the activities of the intelligence services are under strict parliamentary control, and political assassinations (as a means of the intelligence services work) are prohibited by law. But in Russia, terrorism has always been and remains to this day the most convenient tool of work and an impenetrable trump card in political disputes and showdowns. After all, the slogan “No man, no problem!” was not canceled by anyone. Aidars Dzerzhinskys are extremely in demand in the Russian unofficial state and political arsenal, without them it is like having no hands!

Russian policy without terror is like the plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Nebenzya without shameless lies.


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