Buryat National Movement Supported Ukrainians

Buryat National Movement Supported Ukrainians

Dorzho Duharov, the representative of the Buryat National Support Movement, addressed the people of Buryatia and the Buryat diaspora. 

In his address, he says “The Russian regime is ordering the military men to deliberately target civilians in Ukrainian cities, who are under the protection of the International Humanitarian Law, be neglectful and systematically break the rules and customs of warfare, deal shortly and cruelly with peaceful people – women, children and elderly people”.  

Duharov urged compatriots to sabotage the shipment to Ukraine as well as to organize protests: ‘I call on all residents of Buryatia to take part in the protests against the war. I ask you to organize rallies and marches in Ulan-Ude and spread truthful information on the crimes of the Russian leadership led by Vladimir Putin.

The Buryat actor said he does not want the Buryat nation to pay for Moscow gamble. Duharov addressed the Ukrainian military by begging them for mercy to the captured Buryat military men: “If you take war prisoners of the Buryat origin or from Irkutsk district or Trans-Baikal region, please be merciful to them and treat them in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Convention. Please let the International Red Cross stay in touch with them and render all necessary medical aid if someone needs it. I know the situation in Ukraine is extremely difficult right now and you also have the limited resources. But I trust Ukrainians will show their high moral values and principles by treating war prisoners in accordance with the rules of the Geneva Convention on the status of the war prisoners recognized by the international community.  

Dorzho Duharov is a well-known leader of the Buryat national democratic movement and a political immigrant. In 2014, he publicly condemned Russian aggression against Ukraine.


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