Burnt bridges and trolleybuses in Cheboksary: the republics “wear” municipal equipment after Moscow

This week, two trolleybuses burned down in two days in Cheboksary. The reason is a short circuit in the wiring. The outdated transport is poorly maintained.

It is doubly outdated, because often the republics “wear” municipal equipment after Moscow, to which everything new and the best is supplied, but the used equipment can be supplied to the colony – they do not have enough money anyway. Thus, in February of this year, Ufa received 7 used trams written off by Moscow.

Often not only outdated transport fails, but also ALL the outdated equipment for snow removal breaks down at once, which results in the fact that in the cold children are forced to walk several kilometers to school, as in the Tatar Kuyuki just a week ago.

In fact, it would be Moscow that should wear after us all, since it lives on our resources. But it is what it is. Ice crossings are not in Moscow, but in Idel-Ural, bridges are also falling not in Moscow.

But Moscow can show great achievements in defeating its enemy for our money. In the video you can see a depot of written off transport no longer suitable for use, which was simply standing in Kharkiv, awaiting disposal. Perhaps part of this transport would have been sent to our region so that we could “wear” it – if Russian troops had captured Kharkiv. Instead of giving us something new. As after the capture of Mariupol, newer transport was sent from there to Donetsk occupied long ago. 

But they have failed to capture the city – so the Russians have simply freaked out and have been methodically firing missiles at the city for two years, periodically hitting this depot. During this time, several missiles hit there, but tonight one of the most powerful ones arrived. At least a new trolleybus depot in Cheboksary or a new tram depot in Ufa has arrived. A new bridge has arrived instead of an ice crossing or bypass roads. It has arrived and disappeared. It disappeared majestically – everything happens majestically in the empire.


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