Brechalov and Co. are going to increase costs for their maintenance in 2024 up to 639 million rubles

Brechalov and Co. are going to increase costs for their maintenance in 2024 up to 639 million rubles

That is, every year the amount not only grows, but grows exponentially:

🔘 2022 – 500 million;

🔘 2023 – 555 million;

🔘 2024 – 639 million

Along the way, money was added ( to members of the Federation Council and deputies from Udmurtia. They planned an amount of 13.2 million, but then they thought that the people would tolerate it:

🔘 2024 – 15.6 million;

🔘 2025 – 14.2 million.

But they decided to save on the safety of schools and kindergartens: let the children get used to shootings, murders and rapes from childhood – they still have to fight for the empire. Therefore, they reduced the category of security expenses from 1.9 billion to 1.48 billion in 2024, and in 2025-26 – zero rubles at all.

Medicine is also not a priority:

🔘 1.6 million will be allocated to Udmurt hospitals for drug provision, including the treatment of malignant tumors and people with diabetes, drug provision for privileged categories of citizens, treatment of rare (orphan) diseases, prevention of infectious diseases, tuberculosis, natural focal infections, treatment of HIV infection, drug provision for other diseases.

🔘3.9 million for high-tech medical care and palliative care – that is, one can say that either there are practically no high technologies in medicine in Udmurtia, or it is only for a small circle of people – mainly local boyars.

🔘 20 million in 2024 and 0 rubles in 2025-26 for perinatal (prenatal) diagnosis of child development disorders, neonatal and audiological screening;

🔘 0 rubles in 2025-26 for supply of medications for ambulatory treatment of people.

The budget deficit in 2024 is provided in the amount of 478 million rubles, which is 0.6% of the level of tax and non-tax revenues.

Of course, the occupation administration of Brechalov in no way can work for 161 million a year so that the rest of the 639 million goes to cover the deficit.

But  the power-thieves is not the main problem: in January-July 2023, almost 140.5 billion rubles were sent from Udmurtia to the federal budget, which is 74.3% from tax and non-tax revenues collected on the territory of the republic. 48.6 billion rubles were credited to the consolidated budget of Udmurtia.

This is how Moscow feeds Udmurtia, that Udmurtia has only debts and no money in the budget.


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