“Beat the fascist!” Appeal to the peoples of the Russian Empire

“Beat the fascist!” Appeal to the peoples of the Russian Empire

An appeal of Oleg Dunda, the deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, a member of the ruling The Servant of the People party was received at The Free Idel-Ural mail.

We appreciate international attention to our peoples and our fight for freedom. We remind you that on May 30, 2019, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a Resolution condemning systematic and massive violations of the indigenous peoples rights in the Russian Federation by Russia. The document informed about the persecution of specific organizations and activists, about the need to support our national movements. Unfortunately, this important document has not been fully implemented, Ukraine has not yet become a platform for those peoples who wish to free themselves from oppression of Moscow.

We publish the text of Oleg Dunda’s appeal in full and without corrections. We take this opportunity to call on Ukrainian parliamentarian to do everything possible so that Kyiv abandons the deportation of enemies of Russia. This is especially important when speaking about deportation to the countries that extradite people to Russia at the request of the Federal Security Service.

The Russian Empire is on its last legs. Its days are numbered.

One can get the impression that it is enough to sit on the couch and the peoples of the Russian empire will wait for their independence. This option is hypothetically possible. But a huge amount of Tuvans, Buryats, Chechens, Erzyans, Mokshans, Tatars, Bashkirs, Chuvashes and other enslaved people will have to pay for it with their blood.

Moscow and Russians will cling to their empire to the end, to the last Kalmyk or Yakut. Do not we, Ukrainians, know this? Since 1991, we have hoped and rejoiced that we left the Russian empire bloodlessly once and forever. And we have not squeezed out the remnants of the Russian world from our State. And now we are paying for this with a lot of blood. These Russian-fascist monsters do not understand the right to other people’s existence. Kumyks, Circassians, Chechens, Moscow took your homeland and the right to manage your lives from you. Moscow took your land and sky from you. Moscow took all these by force and compulsion, shedding your ancestors’ blood. It placed thieving traitors and merciless guards over you. It put you in jail. But this is not enough for Moscow. It wants to dispose of your lives as the lives of slaves. And it wants to decide who should die and who can live for some time.

Now Moscow is taking your sons, the future of your republics, to perish in Ukraine. Few of them will return from Ukraine. Why do you need it? What did your sons forget in Ukraine? Think about what will happen to your republic in ten years, when you will be on the verge of extinction. Because your children were left to lie in the black soil and forests of Ukraine. Who will protect you from Russian fascists, who will take away your property and lives, taking advantage of your defenselessness. You will only have to work for the well-being of Russian masters, extracting raw materials from the subsoil. The subsoil of your republics, your subsoil.

Therefore, the only way to protect yourselves and your sons is to fight. To fight not with protests and rallies. It’s useless. But to fight for yourselves with weapons in your hands. With knives and guns. To burn and blow up military enlistment offices and state administrations. To destroy everything that is somehow connected with the power imposed by Moscow. To destroy mercilessly and without hesitation. To sweep away from your land any connection with Russian world. Your motto should be “Beat Russian fascist!”. So that the foot of Russian occupier does not trample your land. Moscow understands only such a language. The language of power.

The more Russian fascists are destroyed, the fewer Chechens, Ingush, Avars, Dargins, Kumyks, Tatars, Bashkirs, Yakuts, Buryats, Kalmyks and Tuvans will die. You are  fighting not against Russians, you are fighting for the life of your neighbor and your family.

History has proven that the people who mercilessly destroy Russian world at their home have all the rights to their future. Beat the fascist!


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