Bashkort is going to be recognized as extremist organization

Bashkort is going to be recognized as extremist organization

Activists of the movement call their supporters to begin protest actions with an appeal to stop repressions against Bashkir public organization (BPO) Bashkort and support its members in court.

On December 3, 2019 public prosecutor’s office of Bashkiria sent an inspection to Bashkort office. In opinion of Bashkort activists, an anonymous report about “extremist activity” became the cover for the inspection raid. On January 18, prosecutor’s office issued an official warning, which suggested about “facts to prove that organization’s activity bears the attributes of extremism”. The office of public prosecutor gave a two-month term in order to stop violations.

While this two-month term isn’t expired yet, office of public prosecutor has already filed a lawsuit to the Supreme court in order to recognize BPO Bashkort as extremist organization and to forbid its activity. There is not a single real fact in prosecutor’s application to prove Bashkort’s so-called “extremism”. It still remains in question what exactly are these “attributes of extremism” and do they really attribute any “extremism” at all. Preliminary hearing is going to be held at February 7, 2020 at 11:30.

It’s not the first time that the largest Bashkir organization suffers oppressions, however nothing threatened its activity so real till today. The offence charged is serious, and if Bashkirs lose the trail, then all branches and social media accounts will be suspended, Bashkort flags and other visual symbols will be illegal. There is a speculation that BPO Bashkort got targeted because of its position in relation to Kushtau; it zealously stands against mining operation of shihan. It should be reminded that at the beginning of December 2019 BPO Bashkort organized a public meeting, what provocateurs tried to sabotage.

Human rights defender Ramilya Sayitova, who repeatedly suffered for her political opinions, also supports Baskort’s position in relation to Kushtau. Last summer she was literally dragged to FSB office in daylight, she ended up in the hospital after that. Recently she was stopped by traffic police patrol, that, according to her words, it completely illegal. She refused to open doors of her car and was blocked here about four hours, till police officers broke a window of the car and drew Sayitova outside.

Ms. Ramilya suggested that authorities want to impose administrative arrest to prevent her from legal support of human rights defense and participation in “Living chain” action to protect Kushtau on February, 23.


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