“Bashkort” announced a “vote of no confidence” to Radij Khabirov

“Bashkort” announced a “vote of no confidence” to Radij Khabirov

The national organization “Bashkort” today published a statement in which it announced a “vote of no confidence” to the head of Bashkortostan, Radij Khabirov.

In its statement, the organization stressed that since Radij Khabirov has got power in the Republic, “the situation has only worsened”, – “Idel.Realii” quotes the “Bashkort”. Noting that “we have not solved the problem of the Bashkir language, not raised issues of federalism and bilateral relations between Russia and Belarus has not solved the problem of ethnic crime”, the document lists the new and emerging problems and public opposition, including development of the shihan Kushtau, attempt of failure of the III Congress of the Bashkir people in December 2018 and “Vsebashkirskij jyjyn” (com. – an event related to the Bashkir people) at the foot of Kushtau in 2019, the actual inaction of the authorities when there was an environmental catastrophe in Sibay, incarceration of a politician Ayrat Dilmukhametov, in which, in the opinion of “Bashkort” Radij Khabirov is clearly “involved”.

Activists of “Bashkort” also reminded that “the words of [Radij Khabirov] and that the illegal development of quarries will be put in order” remained empty. “Not only not over order, but on the contrary, is given to the development without considering the local population, career near lake Talkas in Bajmaksky area and quarry near the village Khalilovo of Abzelilovsky district”, – is mentioned in the statement.

“…Radij Khabirov called our organization chauvinists and almost racists, and threatened that he would be merciless towards it. We believe this is a real threat and are confident that further persecution of our organization is coming from there”, – the “Bashkort” also stated.

Since the beginning of February, the Supreme court of Bashkortostan has been in the process of recognizing “Bashkort” as an extremist organization and banning its activities. The lawsuit was initiated by the Republican Prosecutor’s office. In “Bashkort” believe that the process is inspired by Radij Khabirov.

Finally, noting that, according to the Golos movement, at least 640,000 votes were attributed to Radij Khabirov in the election of the head of Bashkortostan, Bashkortostan stated that this “indicates complete falsification of the voting results and Khabirov’s illegitimacy”.

This confrontation will clearly have consequences, because it directly affects the nuclear electorate of Khabirov: ethnic Bashkirs, residents of rural areas.

— For Khabirov and his team, the most honest act would be to resign voluntarily. He hasn’t done anything useful, and he’s not giving up any of his unpopular decisions. From his actions every now and then there are only new pockets of discontent. Therefore, we do not believe that he is worthy of being the head of the Republic, – one of the “Bashkort’s” leaders Ruslan Gabbasov explained the motives for the organization’s statement. The interviewed experts predict further strengthening of the political confrontation in the Republic.

— The conflict between “Bashkort” and Khabirov personally has passed into an acute phase. There is an obvious attempt to deprive Khabirov of national identity in the public space, contrasting it with the Bashkir national organization. The same thing happened with Rustem Khamitov, and then it ended badly. Khabirov’s team now also divides Bashkir into “right” and “wrong”, which once happened under Murtaz Rakhimov. In general, I believe that the absence of a sober-minded internal policy bloc in the Khabirov administration practically guarantees that he will lose in the “internal national” environment, – says political strategist Andrey Potylitsyn.

— This confrontation will clearly have consequences, because it directly affects the nuclear electorate of Khabirov: ethnic Bashkirs, residents of rural areas. However, I think that Khabirov, as an experienced functionary and politician, will be able to turn this situation to his advantage in order to strengthen his confidence in the eyes of the Federal center. For him, Moscow’s support is more important than the erosion of his nuclear electorate, especially since the next election of the head of the Republic is still far away. His team can also say that Khabirov is “distancing himself even more from the nationalists” and a part of the region’s population will perceive this positively. But negative consequences are also predicted, first of all, the actualization of nationalist rhetoric in society, which will have a bad effect on interethnic harmony. In addition, the method of conducting internal policy on the principle of “who is not with us is against us” indicates the lack of flexibility of the team of the head of the region. In situation where the socio-economic situation of the majority of the population is not improving at all, such polarization cannot lead to anything good, – says political analyst Dmitry Mikhailichenko.


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