Bashkirs Are Getting Ready for Zero Hour

Bashkirs Are Getting Ready for  Zero Hour

The invasion of the RF armed forces has not yet resulted in the parade of the independence of all Moskow colonies, but it has already become a powerful accelerator of the political opinion between enslaved people. More and more national leaders and civil activists wonder what the future of their nation and Republic is. Below you can find attached the article by the Bashkir National Political Center, where the Bashkirs set four key findings regarding the Russian invasion into Ukraine. 

Four conclusions from the Russian invasion into Ukraine for the Bashkir national movement 

Firstly, it is necessary to convey the message that it is not our war. Our war (not necessarily its heated phase) is still in the future and we should face it being ready and mobilised. It is necessary to advocate not only the importance of distancing from this war, but also its deliberate sabotage among Bashkirs.

Secondly, it is necessary to understand that our nation is being repeatedly used as cannon fodder in tyrants’ games and personal ambitions. 

How many more lives of our men should be sacrificed to realise this truth? 100 men? 1000 men? 10 000 men?

Tyrants do not pity our lives. If necessary to achieve their goal, they would sacrifice all 2 million Bashkir people. Or even all 4 million people.  

Thirdly, Putin has finally made his grave mistake. Finally, Akela missed the mark and his fate was sealed.    

Regardless of whether he conquers Ukraine or not, he has already lost, he is doomed.

Sooner or later he will be swept away and his empire will crumble along with him. Bashkortostan and the Bashkir political nation will have a window of opportunity which we have been waiting for so long and which we have no right to waste. Let’s reclaim our rights and sovereignty to the fullest!

And fourthly, we need everyone in the future Free Bashkortostan! Everyone who has not tainted himself by the meanest and ugliest deeds against his people will be of great service to the republic.

For the sake of Bashkortostan, we will forget all the strife, all the quarrels and resentments, roll up our sleeves and start rebuilding our own state!

Get ready for the fact that now we, the Bashkir political nation of the Republic of Bashkortostan, will decide the fate of our republic and build its political and economic life by ourselves. This is our republic and nobody, neither Moscow nor Putin has the right to tell us how to live!


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