Atyan’ Ezem councilman Alexandr Tikshaikin dies at 51

Atyan’ Ezem councilman Alexandr Tikshaikin dies at 51

Alexandr Tikshaikin, Erzya writer and journalist, a member of Atyan’ Ezem(Elders’ Council) of Erzya people, passed away aged 51 on 28 July 2020 in Saransk.

For many years  Tikshaikin worked as executive secretary of Syatko literary magazine. He is author of books, such as ХХ Pingen’ Loman’ (2001), Valdokujo (2002), Urozket’ (2008). In his works Alexandr paid special attention to “white spots” in history of Erzya people : political repressions, purposeful Russian policy of violent assimilation of Erzya and search of national identity. His works have no false fervor but a very strong anti-colonial vibe, motivating Erzya to look at the world as free and all-sufficient human beings who feel proud for their native land and their origin.

Syres’ Boliayen’, Inyazor (Chief Elder) of Erzya people, shared his memories about Tikshaikin: “As you may know, Atyan’ Ezem made a decision about non-disclosure policy on membership in Kirdiyur – national representative bodied of Erzya people. We do not mention positions and roles of some figures or activists in Erzya national movement, exceptions can made only for obituaries. Unfortunately, today is just the cause. Alexandr Tikshaikin did not have a permanent job, he had to look after his sick brother. They lived together on one pension and Tikshaikin also had his own health problems. He was seriously ill for a few last years… but still I was quite shocked by his death, because Alexandr was an important person in our national movement.

He not only worked on literary field but also was an active member of Atyan’ Ezem. Alexandr was one of those who worked on our Statute on creation and functioning of national representative bodies of Erzya people. Quite often he had his own opinion, different from other elders. However all his decisions were dictated by love to our people, desire of happy and free life for Erzya. He adhered these values till the very last days of his life”.

Yet in the time of writer’s life (2018) Free Idel Ural civic movement together with Erzyan Val society  recorded several Tikshaikin’s stories, namely “Francuz”, “Urozket́’” and “Paro lomań”.

Alexandr Tikshaikin was buried in the family village of Sabantsele, Atyashevsky district, Republic of Mordovia.

Free Idel Ural expresses sincere condolences to Alexandr’ s family, his friends and colleagues.


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