Are we getting rid of meat and criminals?

Are we getting rid of meat and criminals?

Using the wording á la “Prigozhin is cleaning Russia of garbage”, you think like a typical Russian. Whoever they are, but many of them are simply put in conditions under which they cannot refuse. They will be sent to war anyway. Moreover, when there are not enough prisoners, then upon orders from above, they can simply intensify repressions and put in jail more people to reduce the shortage of cannon fodder. If you watched the  Death Race movie with Stetham, you can well imagine this situation.

They will put as many people in jail on new fabricated cases as it will be necessary for the show to go on – after all, no one will feel sorry for the prisoners, and the money is still “dropping” to someone for their participation. Who among the inhabitants cares that a certain number of prisoners are political or just random victims of the regime? This is a psychological trick, that if you are a prisoner, it means you are always a criminal. But this is not always the case. Never forget that you live in the RF and not in a civilized country.

Here is another example about prisoners: during the occupation of Kherson, those prisoners who were still in jail according to Ukrainian laws transmitted data to the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the accumulation and movement of equipment and manpower of the rashists. They had telephones, even though it was forbidden in prisons. When a new person got in prison, put there already by the Russian authorities, he, of course, was completely “searched”, and he could not carry anything with him to prison. But he told these old prisoners what he heard and saw during the time he lived under occupation, and they with their hidden mobile phones transmitted information to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Who should these people be considered by Ukraine that put them in jail? Waste to be disposed of or people who want to improve and need the second chance? The Russian prisoners are now not given the second chance. They are not really asked  about anything. Sure, there are those among them who would preferably not exist, but does this concern all of them?

Life is worth nothing in this state. They started with dog hunting, then switched to the extermination of prisoners and the genocide of other peoples.


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