Any achievement of Russia is our loss

Any achievement of Russia is our loss

It has long been known that the Kremlin presents all the scientific, social, economic and political achievements of Russian citizens as achievements of Russians, and blames the indigenous peoples for any problems and failures. Although all Russian achievements are made, including at the expense of each of the indigenous peoples: by the hands of their scientists, for their money, resources, etc. In addition, any achievements of Russia are  postponing more and more its disintegration, because if it seems successful and strong, people continue to follow it. That is, by helping Russia even in such a noble cause as science, we are helping to forge the bars on our cell in the prison of peoples.

But as soon as the Russians cannot cope, they try again in every possible way to use the indigenous peoples.

Now, when Ukraine began to break through the sea corridor by military means on its own, the Kremlin suddenly remembered that the “grain deal” was needed  first of all for it. Turkey plays one of the key roles in the deal. Therefore, now they are discussing the candidacy of Minnikhanov for the role of the negotiator with the Turks on behalf of the Russian Federation. They say, he is from Turkic nation and the Turks are also from Turkic nation – they will agree among themselves. It is unlikely that the agreement will be reached, but if it is reached, no one will even remember Minnikhanov’s participation. Everywhere they will talk only about the “Russian delegation”, and not about the fact that it included the Tatars. If it does not work out, they will say that they sent the “non-Russians” again and they have let the Russians down.

The Russian word “victory” conveys really well the Russian mentality, this word in Russian means “after misfortune” – the misfortune is over and again one can proudly raise his head and do whatever he wants. A new misfortune comes – call the indigenous peoples for help again.


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