Alternative national passport of Belarus

Alternative national passport of Belarus

Many Belarusians were forced to leave Belarus in order not to be killed, as they took an active part in the suppressed revolution of the summer of 2020.

Because of this, they cannot simply extend the validity of the passport of occupied Belarus: it will either not be renewed in order to create problems with living in other countries, or these people can be simply kidnapped when visiting the embassy. If this happened to citizens of other authoritarian states, then this is not excluded in Belarus.

Such passports could be the first step towards the decolonization of mentality of the Belarusians after the withdrawal of Russian troops and the fall of the regime of the Kremlin puppet Lukashenko.

Following the example of the Latvian and Estonian system of “non-citizens”, it will be possible to relatively quickly separate conscious people from Soviet fans, from imperialists and sleeper agents of the Russian Federation. Anyone who, after an exam or verification, cannot obtain a white-red-white Belarusian passport will remain with a Soviet Belarus passport, which may be transferred to the status of a “non-citizen” passport with the right to obtain citizenship if certain conditions are met.

The Belarusian experience may also be useful to the republics of the Idel-Ural, so let’s remember and study. We do not yet have national passports, but we can create them already now. This will not only be a good PR move for national movements, but will also facilitate the process of passporting the population after gaining independence, because the production of passports will already be established.


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