Action within Captive Nations Week will take place in New York

Action within Captive Nations Week will take place in New York

During third week of July Captive Nations Week is traditionally celebrated in the United States of America. 1959 law authorizes president of the USA to proclaim Captive Nations Week each year – until such time as freedom and independence shall have been achieved for all the captive nations of the world.

Originally, Law was called to provide moral support to enslaved nations being under control of communist regimes.

List of captive nations, made yet in 1950s, included Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Estonia, White Ruthenia (Belarus), Romania, East Germany, Bulgaria, mainland China, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, North Korea, Albania, Idel-Ural, Tibet, Cossackia, Turkestan, North Viet-Nam and others.

Today list of nations, still expecting freedom from totalitarian and despotic rule, looks very different. Some of countries from the list above do not exist anymore under their former name, others got desirable freedom. However, in 2008 president George Bush, announcing once again holding of the Week, underlined preservation of similar undemocratic regimes in such countries, as Russia, Belarus, Burma/Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe.

Free Idel-Ural movement shares value of freedom and democracy, and declares solidarity with events of Captive Nations Week (14-20 July, 2019).

On the final date of the Week Kamil Sukaev, activist of Free Idel-Ural in the USA will conduct a stand-alone picket to support Mokshas, Erzyans, Chuvashs, Maris, Volga Tatars, Udmurts and Bashkirs, now being under pressure of authoritarian rule of Moscow and aggressive russification.

Location – Times Square, New York

Organizer – Free Idel-Ural movement

Event format – stand-alone picket (up to 3 persons)

Time – 20 july, 15-16 local time


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