A resident of Mordovia visited Beslan

A resident of Mordovia visited Beslan

Not just a resident, but Alexei Grebnev, the head of the special programs department of the Ichalovskiy district administration and former secretary of the district anti-terrorist commission. Apparently, he went to learn from the experience how to kill everyone together with the hostages.

It is hard to call those Ichkerians terrorists – they just wanted to stop the massacre in Ichkeria and did not expect that Russian citizens did not mean anything to the Kremlin.

This is the state in which Grebnev found the place of death of hundreds of people and children. School ruins and homemade memorials.  They did not even bother to make a normal memorial of the under-superpower – after all, it does not need to be remembered for its crimes.

This year, references to the tragedy in Beslan and the Kursk submarine were removed from the rewritten school books. What is next? Will they remove the mention of the number of deaths in the World War II, so as not to embarrass the younger generation with the fact that the “winners” have such huge losses?

By the way, even then the orc woman Margarita Simonyan was promoting herself on blood and, by order from above she said that there were only 300 hostages, and not 1228.


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