A protocol was made against environmental activist Ildar Yumagulov for demanding not to change the Constitution of the Republic of Bashkortostan

 At a national gathering in Temyasovo Yumagulov demanded not to touch the Constitution of Bashkortostan, because its changes contradict the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Probably, Ildar did not understand that in the Russian Federation there is no Constitution and there is only the right of the strong one. The Russians themselves declare this at every step. Therefore, Bashkortostan can be freed from Moscow only by the right of force.

If to act only by non-violent methods, then it is time for today’s participants of the event to add courses “how to meditate among rock dumps or in a stuffy chamber for 30 people” and “proper nutrition for the rest of the salary after all fines” to the International Day of Yoga and Proper Nutrition on the Belaya River. .


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