A nursery school sponsoring terrorists

A nursery school sponsoring terrorists

Such a thing is possible only in the kremlin’s under-imperial empire. Don’t be surprised if the principal of the kindergarten is tried in The Hague for financing terrorism, even though the principal is just a cog in the big imperial machine.

Levies from kindergartens and schools have already become mandatory: parents and children are told about the voluntary and compulsory donation of money.

In Chelny the kindergarten “Krepysh” collected 25 thousand rubles. It’s not much for the “nationwide” support of the war, but one should also take into consideration that the population of the under-represented country is predominantly impoverished.

All the residents of the town of Yelabuga were offered to contribute 100 rubles each to the war. It would be a blow to the workers’ budget, but everyone who donated could be proud: my 100 rubles was also in the rocket that flew into the Ukrainian preschool! Even with only 100 rubles, I myself can kill! I have an impact on the world! I’m not a worthless slave creature that is used by everyone – I’m changing the world! For a hundred rubles because I do not have more.


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