A nation without memory is a herd

A nation without memory is a herd

In Mariupol, Kremlin occupiers cynically and joyfully demolished the monument to those who died from the artificial Holodomor of 1932-33, arranged by the occupation authorities of Bolsheviks as a genocide of Ukrainian people and the suppression of any resistance to Kremlin.

Muscovites do not need the peoples who fell into the occupation to remember their history. In the same way, they will clean up, destroy, distort, and defile everything that is connected with the history of the peoples of Idel-Ural.

Being inside the system and without guerrilla or rebellion, there is little influence on the system. Therefore, it is necessary by any means available to every layman to save as much evidence of historical events as possible. In any case, you all communicate with the neighbors old people or with your own grandfathers / grandmothers and great-grandparents, if there were events important for the history in their lives or they witnessed such events, then you should save them for descendants: on video or on paper, by any method you choose. Save and publish them for everyone. If possible, if you can provide some documentary evidence of the words of the old people, then do it and add it to the published material. If there is nothing but their words, then you can cooperate with someone else from the locals and create a selection of similar testimonies from different old people who do not know each other. This will already be more or less proof that such an event happened and it was not only an accident or mistakenly perceived by the person who observed / experienced this event.

In fact, I ask you to become the same people’s correspondents whose reports and articles you watch and read. Now only a few are doing this, so gradually the real historical events are being erased from our memory by the empire, entire sections of the history of our peoples are being erased.

But you can try to save something for descendants, and Internet resources will help you with this.


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