700K Ladas less?

700K Ladas less?

Forbes reports that 700,000 people left Russia after Putin announced the mobilization. Attention, please, here is a question! How much should we multiply this number after the first irretrievable losses among the mobilized people, as well as on the eve of the second stage of the “graves creation”?

200,000 people left for Kazakhstan and 53,000 people went to Georgia of these 700,000. And this is not the limit, because the exodus is continuing.

Mostly these are men of military age leaving to avoid mobilization. Having seen how people live in other countries and having settled down there, a significant part of them will no longer wish to return.

Sure, such an outflow of the workforce will affect not only the country’s economy, but also its demographics. The living standard has already been constantly declining due to the sanctions, and now it will continue even more rapidly. All this will be superimposed by a low birth rate and high mortality, which over the past 20 years has only steadily reduced the population of the Russian Federation, despite all the fake graphs from the government about the birth rate growth.

The only and the last opportunity for Kremlin to replenish its slaves stocks (old-new oil) is to seize the territories of other states and the influx of migrants.

But Kremlin has also big problems with both:

1. The population of the occupied territories is fleeing even faster than its own, even tough measures to keep the local population do not help. In addition, losses at the front leave the Kremlin with less and less occupied land.

2. Fewer and fewer migrants want to go to a country where the living standard is constantly deteriorating, and the level of Nazism is only growing. In addition, these migrants do not particularly strive for the Russian world, and this is one of the pillars of the empire’s creation.


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