Non-udmurt memory

Non-udmurt memory

Every day, Udmurtia celebrates some memorable event from the Second World War. The war that was almost a century ago. The war that has no direct connection to the national history of Udmurtia, because the Udmurt did not fight for their independence, but against it – both on the side of Soviet troops and sometimes on the side of Hitler’s troops. After all, none of these states was going to take into account Udmurt interests.

Today in Izhkar they are going to dance at the airport in memory of the end of the Battle of Stalingrad, honoring the courage of the defenders of this city, who resisted without giving up the city to the enemy.

But if there are so many events dedicated to a long-standing battle, why only one war?

We can also note the courage of the defenders of Khlynov, who in 1457 withstood the siege of the city by the Muscovites, and did not surrender the city to the occupiers, whom the Moscow Prince Vasily II sent.

How is this event worse than any other, which is also directly related to Udmurt history? After all, Khlynov (now Kirov and Kirov Oblast) was part of the Udmurt Vyat state.

But it is clear that in occupied Udmurtia the memory of the warriors of any battle can be honored, as long as they fought on the side of Moscow. So it will not be surprising if one day Udmurtia will celebrate not this battle, but another – the battle of 1459, when the troops of the Muscovites after a long siege took Khlynov and the entire Vyat Republic.


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