The Tatar lessons of 2022: from prey to hunter

The Tatar lessons of 2022: from prey to hunter

Struggle is conflict, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears. Without this, there will be no freedom, no own state. This is the main lesson of 2022.

We were crushed and destroyed more than any other people of the Volga region! The Tatars under constant pressure and under Russian training.

Our national movements rely exclusively on agitation and propaganda. This is the wrong approach.

The Tatar people, having survived a systemic and harsh purge, continuous negative selection, and the systematic destruction of the national movement (until 2023), found themselves in the position that Moscow so desired. This is the position of the victim, who thinks how to survive, slip through, sit out. We are thrown into a meat grinder, and we are discussing the appropriateness of resisting this process.

If the hand throwing the Tatars into the meat grinder is not cut off, or at least not put in front of such a threat, we will all disappear in the imperial meat grinder of assimilation, wars and national degeneration.

The calls “not to give in”, “to wait”, “to be patient”, “to wait for the “window of opportunity”” are an ideal field for cultivating mankurts and traitors of the Tatar people. On one side of the scale is a career, the benefits, peace and security that Moscow offers to mankurts. On the other … and what about the other? What can oppose the Tatar national movement?

We desperately need our response. We should confront the Tatar people and their elites with a choice: fight for the independent Tatarstan, which means hardship and suffering, or betrayal and the risk of retribution.

Every resident of Tatarstan who goes to work in the authorities, the Federal Security Service, the Investigative Committee, the prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian National Guard, the Russian army, must understand: he either cooperates with the Tatar underground (performs tasks and instructions of the underground in his position, aimed at weakening the repressive apparatus of Russia) or risk being killed as a traitor.

The idea of “the evolution of slavery” (they say, the time will come – and the leaders of the republic will wake up, and the Tatars working in the repressive apparatus of Russia will become ardent patriots) is a naive utopia. This is self-deception for slaves.

Only by posing the question with an edge “either/or”, we will be able to grab the hand of the Tatar people, who have already jumped into the abyss. Otherwise, it’s talks about “it’s too early.” Like, the people have already jumped into the abyss, but we have to wait. We should wait for the sound of impact. No need to aggravate.

No brothers! It is necessary to aggravate it! To aggravate the situation as much as possible, since silence and tranquility in the case of the Tatar people is “үлем тынлыгы”.

Әй бер Аллам, безгә рухи көч бир ялган зинданыннан чыгарлык.

Безнең сайлау бар. Без я аучылар, яисә аучылар корбаны. Чиксез кодрәтле Аллаһ! Безгә көч бир!

Samigula Demoman


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