Authorities of Mordovia speak out against building of Inyazor Purgaz’s monument

For more than eight months official authorities of Republic of Mordovia have been exploring the issue of building a monument to famous warlord Inyazor Purgaz.

On April 4, 2018 Syres’ Boliayen’ on behalf of Free Idel-Ural civic movement made an appeal to Vladimir Volkov, head of Republic of Mordovia, with a request of assistance in establishment of a monument of Erzyan national hero Inyazor Purgaz. On May 25 Free Idel-Ural received the answer from A.V. Ratnikov, deputy chief of staff, head of domestic policy department in Office of Head of Republic of Mordovia with the following feedback: “a great work is being done in Republic of Mordovia on collection and analysis of information about historical persons, who left noticeable track in history of Mordovia, including Purgaz”.

On July 22 Free Idel-Ural made another appeal to Vladimir Volkov with questions as follows :
– Who exactly collects and analyses historical information on the issues involved?
– Was a special task force created for this purpose? What kind of regulatory act was this task force created by?
– What work is already done, and when results on “collection and analysis of information” about Inyazor Purgaz will be available to the public?

Until now Free Idel-Ural got no answer for their appeal. Taking into account the abovementioned, we are asking Vladimir Volkov to answer publicly: what measures were taken on issue of building of the monument of Inyazor Purgaz?

We hope on frank and transparent dialog of authorities of Republic of Mordovia with Erzyan national movement, not just an imitation of openness and transparency.


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