They take away our languages – we’ll not be quiet

Федералистский союз европейских национальных меньшинств (FUEN)

We are compelled to note that in 2018 the situation with respect of language rights for peoples of Idel-Ural became only worse. Erzyan, Mokshan, Chuvash, Mari, Tatar, Udmurt and Bashkir languages not only did not extend their scope of application – on the contrary, their positions in education have weakened substantially. Russian authorities offer to our people to practice their mother tongues in families, to sing folk songs in villages and to participate voluntarily in humiliating bureaucratic measures, aimed to cover russification with slogans about friendship of nations. We demand the most exdended functioning of our official languages in all spheres of public and private life, from government services to television and radion broadcasting.

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