Komi and imperial policy in the Arctic

For the dwellers of middle latitudes, the Pechora river basin, the Northern Ural, the Barents Sea coast are places unattractive and unsuitable for living. However, for a number of indigenous peoples it is a Homeland. Their lifestyle and habits – everything was adapted to the harsh environment. For the centuries people have been living this way, taking everything they needed from progress staying themselves.

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‘The Last Udmurt’

Albert Razin doused himself with a flammable liquid and lit himself on fire on September 10

he self-immolation of Albert Razin on September 10 intended to attract attention to the problems of the Udmurt language has certainly done that, but it has also drawn enormous attention to the man himself. One of the most moving is a commentary of Galina Sakharevich on Moscow’s Takiye dela portal.

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