Officers of Prosecutor’s office and of the Ministry of emergency situations came to check the “Bashkort”

Ильнар Галин

Today officers of the Prosecutor’s office and of the Ministry of emergency situations came to the office of the national organization “Bashkort” to check it.

It was told by the “Bashkort”’ in its report that officers of the Ministry of emergency situations came to check fire safety of the room, and the officers of the Prosecutor’s office came, because of the anonymous statement of an unnamed citizen that the organization “Bashkort” in this room, allegedly, “conducts extremist activity”.

The decision to conduct an inspection, signed by the Deputy Prosecutor of the Sovetsky district of Ufa Timur Khakimov, was presented to the activists and it states that the inspection is carried out on behalf of the Prosecutor’s office of the Republic, given on the 19th of November. The purpose is specified as “verification of the implementation of legislation on non-profit organizations, fire safety and other issues” (the original text is preserved). Term of checking is until the 27th of December.

“In inspection two officers of the Prosecutor’s office and one of the Ministry of emergency situations were participated. They looked at our records and some of the books and then it was the end of it”, – Chairman of the organization “Bashkort” Ilnar Galin told to the journalist of the “Idel.Realities” (*Russian: “Idel.Realii”) Arthur Asafyev.

The organizations’ members thinks that there is connection between the check and the meeting, which has passed on the 1th of December and which one was on the problem of the shihan Kushtau development (*Bashkir: “Ҡуштау” or “Kushtau” is “double mountain” ; “shihan” is the single hill) and with incidents which occurred at action.

On the 1th of December in Ufa at the initiative of “Bashkort” there was a public meeting on the problem of preservation of the shihan Kushtau, which is under the threat because of industrial development by the soda company. At the meeting, both the intentions of the company itself and the position of the Republican authorities, who agreed to give the mountain for mining, were sharply criticized. The participants adopted the “Appeal to the world community”, in which they pointed out that the Bashkir shihans are the world heritage of all mankind and they called on world to assist them in the protection of the mountains.

During the meeting, as reported by “Bashkort”, a group of young people “tried to ask pre-prepared provocative questions” in order to “show the organizers of the event as chauvinists and racists”. The “Bashkort” declared that these people who asked these questions are activists of “League of youth policy of RB”, which is supervised by the management department on internal policy of the administration of the head of the Republic.

“It is revenge to us for exposure of provocateurs and of those who are involved in it” – the members of the “Bashkort” believe.


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