Picketing to support Idel-Ural republics took place at Times Square

On July 20, 2019 Free Idel-Ural civic movement joined celebration of Captive Nations Week, that is traditionally held every third week of July in the United States of America.

Kamil’ Sukaev, representative of Free Idel-Ural in America, organized stand-alone picket on Times Square with banner saying “Russia is concentration camp of nations”. During an hour Sukaev communicated with journalists and passers-by, told them about situation with human rights of native peoples in Russia and necessity for republics of Povolzhye (russian name for Idel-Ural region) to make secession from Russian Federation.

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Bashkir activists were taken away by FSB operatives

Leaders of Bashkir organization “Bashkort”, Fail’ Alsinov and activist Ramil’ Rakhmatov, were driven to local FSB station. Activists, according to article 188 Criminal Procedure Code of Russian Federation (Procedure for the summoning to interrogation), were delivered as witnesses. This is being reported by Idel.Realii news portal, referring to comments “Bashkort” organization.

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